The IT Blame Culture

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The IT Blame Culture

As a company you are probably running business software, either off the shelf or a specialist package. In most cases you will have a support contract to ensure continued usage and updates. However, it is probably also safe to say that your support company does not look after your servers and pc’s.

Hopefully, you have never been in the situation where a problem arose and your software company blamed the hardware company and the hardware company blamed your software company!

If you have experienced this then as a business owner it can be very frustrating and feels very much like ‘piggy in the middle’.

Our support clients never experience this problem, as any issue that is IT related, is handled by your allocated support technician who liases with your specialist software support supplier until a resolution is found. In short, our support system logs and tracks all the activities ensuring a complete audit trail is maintained and reported on.

You can rest assured that the blame culture is absent within our processes.


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