Server setup for Virtual Desktops using Citrix

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I spent today out on site with a client who has just installed a new Server in order to facilitate their move over to Virtual Desktops for both their head office staff and those at their various satellite offices.  We were there to help train the IT department in how to setup a standard users Virtual Desktop using Citrix Server Software.  The Citrix server software provides a great platform to create a standard users desktop with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 10 and the bespoke Apps and Programmes they needed. A snapshot (clone) of it is then taken and then used as a template to quickly set up each subsequent users account.  Eventually, all the users will have on their physical desktop are 2 links… to the VPN, and another for Windows Remote Desktop in order to access their virtual PC’s.  Roll out is in a couple of weeks now, and as ever we will be there to support our client in whichever way they need us.



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