Migration to Virtual Machines

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We spent today visiting one of our clients various satellite sites gathering data off of their users hard drives ready to take up to the server to be uploaded onto their virtual machines.  We needed to make sure that the process was as seamless as possible to avoid disruption.  Once we have transferred the data onto removable storage devices, we hot footed it back to the head office so that we could input the data onto the server and place onto their virtual machine desktops.  Within and hour of being back at the server location, and thanks to the great efforts of the team, all of the users were working away on their virtual machines with no major issues.  The rollout of the virtual machines has provided our client with a cost effective and quick way of delivering new Microsoft Office 10 software to all of their users in one go, as well as providing the on-going benefits of simplified user access control across their satellite sites.


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