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Today I have been going over the mock examinations in my course and looking at what areas I need to hone in order to go forward for the 70-680 exam.  It would appear that I need to know a little more about the USMT (User State Migration Tool), and the other utilities associated with the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation KIT).  I have downloaded the WAIK Software from Microsoft which comes in the form of an .ISO file, and installed it onto my laptop using the MAGIC ISO software to save burning a disc.  I have spent a good deal of time having a look through the functionality along with the Windows support, as well as the Microsoft TechNet support pages.  The WAIK Tools basically provide a number of ways for helping to automatically deploy Windows 7 across large organisations avoiding the need to visit each users PC with an installation disk, and being able to automate standard responses to the installation questions which would normally require user intervention.  It also allows existing user settings and documentation to be saved and transferred across to the new OS.

I then spent most of the afternoon trying to learn a bit more about Windows Server 2008 R2, and have been viewing tutorial videos on how to setup DNS Servers, DHCP Servers, looking into setting up Active Directory and applying Group Policy and scripting for setting up Map Drives for domain users.  I thought that I would give myself a quick refresher, as tomorrow I am heading into the office where I am going to be setting up a test lab environment on the Severs so that I can get some more practical experience in administering networks.



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