Full IT Support Service

Contract IT Support

We provide comprehensive IT support with the vast majority of faults able to be resolved remotely saving you time and money. We specialise in allowing you to get on running your business while we monitor, maintain and support all of your IT systems.

We offer rolling monthly contracts, allowing you to be comfortable in the knowledge that every month we will monitor and pro-actively maintain your system to ensure the highest possible service.

We use specialist remote support software that monitors each PC and Server you have, keeping a careful eye on every aspect that could affect its performance. At the slightest hint of trouble our engineers are alerted and can either bring your attention to the issue or remotely resolve it with minimal disruption to you.


We offer offsite monitored backup from only £1 per GB per month in conjunction with our IT Support contracts.

Anti Virus

We offer the excellent value managed GFI Vipre Anti Virus software to further ensure your system, and business, is protected. We are also partners with Trend Micro and ESET to give flexibility and allow us to select the best option for your business.

Non Dedicated IT Manager

If you are a manager whose primary role is not IT, then this kind of support is ideal. Rather than automatically deal with any issues that arise we will alert you and you can decide if you want to handle the issue or pass it back to us. This gives you control of all the issues with the reassurance of our support and advice should you require it.