ERP Software – Single Version of The Truth

Most companies start out with a basic accounting package to help run the business. Over time, as necessity demands, other applications are ‘bolted’ on. This could be stock control or a quotations pack. Most companies also resort to numerous spreadsheets, to help control and manipulate the information.

The trouble is, over time isolated pockets of data exists and despite the best will in the world, these silos of data become out of sync. To counter this, a well run company will implement a procedure to ensure that a change of information in one silo is manually updated to the others. As an example, and probably the most common is a customers change of address. This may involves emails to various departments or the circulation of a special form. Either way way, this is both time consuming and prone to error.

The ERP Single Version of the Truth

Enter the single integrated ERP solutions and you have a single view of the truth. The data is all held in a single database.