CCTV Fault with GeoVision GV Loop Card

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We went to a client today who had a problem relating to their CCTV system.  The images from all were constantly distorted, and individual camera links were being lost and dropping out for short periods before reappearing (albeit still distorted).  We initially disconnected all of the cameras and reconnected them in sequence to see if we could ascertain whether an individual link could be causing the problems.  This didn’t help us narrow down a specific problem, but at least we knew that it was more likely to be a software or PC related issue.  The system was being run on GeoVision software which appeared to have all its functionality, so we decided to check and see whether the GV Loop Card was functioning correctly.  Luckily we had a spare on the van and were able to change it there and then.  This did the trick, and as soon as we had replaced the card and reconnected all of the cameras, we had a nice crystal clear and fully functioning CCTV system up and running again.  The only other action we had to take was to delete the existing recordings as the system had filled itself up, confusing the distortion on the images as movement, hence making for some rather large folders!  Another happy customer!



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