Allowing Application Servers to Relay in Exchange 2010

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We had a problem today with a client who’s application servers could not send email since upgrading to Exchange 2010.

It is a fairly simple fix and the easiest way is to allocate another IP address to the Exchange Server and then create a new Receive Connector allowing relay but only from the specific internal IP addresses of the application server.

1.From the Exchange Management Console > Server Configuration > Hub Transport > New Receive Connector.

2. Give the connector a name and select Custom > Next.

3. Next.

4. Add in the IP address(s) or network you want to allow relay from > OK.

5. Select the entry and click DELETE.

7. New.

8. Finish.

9. Select your new connector then right click > Properties.

10. On the Permission Groups tab ensure “Exchange Servers” is selected.

11. On the Authentication Tab > Tick “Externally Secured (for example with IPSEC).” > Apply > OK.


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